Bait Box Kit


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S.S. Flies Bait Box Kit is a collection of our most effective saltwater bait fish patterns.  It’s perfect for the striper season in the Northeast or for any fishery where big fish focus on eating small fish. The kit contains two each of the following, 28 flies total with a Cliff Bugger Beast fly box.

Punky Meadows blue 4/0    Fox Breath   gray 2/0 
Punky Meadows olive 4/0   Fox Breath chartreuse 2/0 
Bulky Bunker herring 2/0   Epoxy Bunny silverside #2 
Bulky Bunker olive 2/0   Epoxy Bunny   anchovy #2 
Simple Pimp black&purp 3/0,1/0   Magic Mama  chartreuse 2/0
Simple Pimp gray 3/0 and 1/0   Magic Mama  olive 2/0