Bad-X Caddis


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This is the S.S. Flies version of the X-Caddis. Originated by Craig Matthews the X-Caddis is itself a tweak on Al Troth’s Elk Hair Caddis. The X-Caddis substitutes fine deer hair for of the original’s elk hair wing and dispenses with the hackle so the thorax sits on the water. The deer hair floats better then elk hair (necessary once the pattern lost its hackle), the tail is intended to mimic a caddis shuck that hasn’t quite shucked.

This thorax style caddis sits flat on the surface mimicking the actual bug better than the original Elk Hair caddis with the hackled body. It can be fished dead drift or gently skittered on the surface. Fish have also been known to smash this fly as it’s pulled under on the swing then allowed to hang in the current for a bit.

For Bad-X Caddis, we source the perfect deer hair for the wing and substitute badger tail for synthetic material as the trailing shuck. Badger tail is a special natural material with a subtle natural sparkle, it looks a lot like an actual trailing shuck. To ensure the Bad-X Caddis floats on the surface we use the thick fur from snowshoe hare feet. Caddis flies often look bigger in the air than they actually are, if it looks like a size 14 in the air it’s more like a size 16 bug. The Bad-X Caddis comes in gray tan and olive size 14-18.

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Gray, Olive, Tan


14, 16, 18