A Passion

At S.S.Flies we approach each fly with the same attitude all fine craftsman bring to their work. We choose the perfect materials for the job, develop the best way to craft the pattern and finish it with the greatest respect for the fish and angler. Every fly that leaves our workshop is constructed to be effective and a pleasure to look at.

All our flies are tied in our Western Maine shop. (Maine might seem a long way from the flats but passions do strange things to people.) We are steeped in the traditions of eastern fly tying from the famous Rangely streamer patterns to the flies cast off the rocks into the North Atlantic. There has always been a tradition of uncompromising craftsmanship in Maine, we are proud to carry this tradition into the modern fly tying world.

About 1974, I started hanging around Dick Surrette’s Fly Shop in North Conway, New Hampshire; when there wasn’t any fishing to do where else should a young trout bum go. Eventually Dick got sick of me just hanging around and put me to work. My first tying job; Black Bear Green Butts, I think they all got tossed out. He kept working with me and before long I was tying anything that was low in the bins.

After a couple different careers, I returned to the bench tying trout and saltwater flies for shops in the Northeast. As twists and turns go I started tying most of the flats flies for Hunter’s Angling Supply. After a couple trips to the flats bonefish, tarpon and permit were streaking through my dreams more than trout ever had. I still fish hard in the northeast but since I first felt the surge of a tarpon on the other end of the line…

-Peter Smith