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S.S. Flies: Tied in Maine. Fished Everywhere.  

When a fish sees a fly, when I see the gills flare, when the fish surges to the fly my stomach jumps.  Sometimes my knees wobble.  When a fish eats – I want it to happen again.  Everyone who ties flies in our shop wants it to happen again.  We assume every angler wants it to happen many, many times. 

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New Flies

Tarpon Flies

Backcountry Sweeper
Badger Tarpon Fly
Boehm's Gurgler
Bugeyed Bait
Bunny Toads
Cult Classics
Duke of Poons
Evelyn Modification
Floating Crab
Fox Fur Tarpon Fly
G.T. Bush Fly
Grizz Bugs
Laid-up Bug
M.F. Dinner Shrimp
Magic Worm
Marabou Toad
Night Time Poon
Rabbit Tarpon Fly
Simple Pimp
Studebaker Hawk
The Rivet
Woolly Mullet

Bonefish & Permit

Avalon Fly
Bad Tail Squimp
Blind Cree Charlie
Blind Foxy Gotcha
Camo Crab
Cree Charlie
Foxy Gotchas
Goat Belly Shrimp
I.P. Bone
Lunch Lady
Mantis Shrimp
Mini Clouser
Mini Puff
Missing Link
Permit Crab
Quivering Fringe
Raghead Crab
RUB Redux
S.S. Bitters
S.S. Merkin
Spam & Eggs
Spawning Shrimp
Super Sim Ram
Sweet Suzy
Twisted O'Herl Fly
Woolly Toad
Xmas Island Sp.
Y.D. Crab

Northeast Collection

Boehms Gurgler
Bulky Bunker
Bunny Bird
Dinah-moe Drum
Epoxy Bunnies
Evelyn Modification
Fox Breath Var.
Fuzz Belly
G.T. Bush Fly
Goats Breath Var.
Magic Mama
Pigmy Twilight
Punky Meadows
Simple Pimp
Willy the Pimp
Woolly Mullet

Redish & Snook

Backcountry Sweeper
Bunny Bird
D.T Special
Dinah-moe Drum
Electric Chicken
Evelyn Modification
Fox Breath Var.
G.T. Bush Fly
Lunch Lady
S.S. Bitters
S.S. Merkin
Scates Shrimp
Simple Pimp
St. Alfonzo
The Rivet
Ugly Bug
Willy the Pimp
Wooly Toad

Fresh Water Flies 
Foxy Wiggle
High Country Sweeper 
Trout Pimp
Trashy Bugger
Fresh Fuzzbelly
Soft Hackle Streamer
New Flies 
Custom Flies
Fly Kits 
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